Exploring Neocities

  • Neocities is hailed as the spiritual successor to the dearly missed 1990s website host Geocities. Naturally, I cannot pass up the opportunity of putting up something here. I have decided to merge my entire code-ink-space network of sites in this newest incarnation which I now simply call Patrick's Personal Home Page. PPHP for short which is obviously a nod to the web scripting (not programming, if you insist) language that started it all for me.
  • Pelican is what I use as the Static Site Generator here. I initially attempted to code my own one but the amount of work and impracticality of reinventing something wasn't very appealing. I wanted something written in PHP but there weren't many great choices. The closest was Sculpin but Pelican just met my simple requirements better. It's Python-based so it's still a cool thing to be playing with. Plus, Pelican is one of the oldest SSGs still in active development and that kind of longevity can only be a good sign.
  • I'm now working off a desktop workstation powered by an Intel NUC. After years of using laptops as my daily driver, I'm now back to a desktop machine. Not really just because of the changes due to the pandemic though. This decision was brought about by the realization that using laptops for long periods of time cannot be good for anyone's health. Some have gone the hybrid path of using an external monitor with the laptop. That's one solution but I've learned over the years that laptops simply don't have much flexibility in the way of upgrades. Soldered RAMs are becoming the norm in laptops and the price to performance ratio is just better with desktops. Granted, a NUC isn't exactly a traditional desktop being in a new class called mini PCs. The NUC still best addressed my need for power in a small form factor and at a better price when compared to mid-range laptops. I got the 8th gen one with the better GPU of Intel Iris Plus. Many see the NUC only good for HTPC setups but it's seriously a good enough machine for most people's computing needs. It's certainly good enough for my Windows 10 and Manjaro dual-boot machine.

I will limit /code/ articles here to 3 bullet points to keep things nice and easily readable. I will write about my Linux setup next time.